Medieval Bulgaria

Tour #16

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Our tour will take you to the medieval part of Bulgaria, the main attraction being the fortress of Veliko Tarnovo. After we cross the Danube in Giurgiu we will enter in Bulgaria. We visit the beautiful center of the city of Ruse and then go to Veliko Tarnovo, former Bulgarian capital and the capital of tzars (kings of Vlachia and Bulgaria). On our way to the capital of tzars we visit the beautiful monastery of Basarabov and the rock carved monasteries in Ivanovo. After lunch in the beautiful old village of Arbanassi we have all the day left to visit the magnificent fortress of tzars in Veliko Tarnovo.

– Free pick up from the hotel reception
– Travel by coach, minivan or by car with air conditionning
– Expert multilingual escort
– Visits to the city center of Ruse, the Basarabov Monastery and the rock carved monasteries in Ivanovo, the medieval fortress of Veliko Tarnovo and the old village of Arbanassi
– Lunch in a traditional location
When: daily departures (except winter period with difficult weather conditions)
Departure: 8.00 – 8.30 am, from the hotel reception
Arrival: at the hotel reception arround 10.00 pm
Estimated time: 14 hrs.
Price: 120 Euro/ person (50% discounts for children up to 12 and 10% – 30% discounts for groups larger than 5 people)

Step-by-step directions below:

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