Sighisoara and the beautiful fortificated monastery of Biertan and Saschiz tower. The return to medieval times (Transylvania)

Tour #5

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A journey back in time in the medieval heart of Transylvania in the city where Dracula was born and got his first teeth. The first stop will be in Saschiz to visit the beautiful medieval tower and fortified church (UNESCO) and also the fortress. We will pass Sighisoara to arrive in Biertan to visit the most beautiful fortificated monastery in Transylvania and then we will return to visit Sighisoara, one of the most beautiful medieval fortresses in Europe still inhabited like since the old times. The Clock Tower and the old towers, the Torture Chamber, the Venician House, the old Monasteries but also a walking tour on the old streets of Sighisoara will bring you back in the medieval times. The tour include also a medieval lunch at Dracula’s birthplace, where only the food is fresh and good tasting.
– Free pick up from the hotel reception
– Travel by coach, minivan or by car with air conditionning
– Expert multilingual escort
– Visits to the Saschiz tower, fortified church (UNESCO) and fortress, Biertan fortificated monastery (UNESCO), Sighisoara fortress (UNESCO) with the Clock Tower, the Torture Chamber and the fortifications of the city in Transylvania
– Lunch in a traditional location
When: daily departures (except winter period with difficult weather conditions)
Departure: 8.00 – 8.30 am, from the hotel reception
Arrival: at the hotel reception arround 8.00 pm
Estimated time: 12 hrs.
Price: 110 Euro/ person (50% discounts for children up to 12 and 10% – 30% discounts for groups larger than 5 people)

Not recommended to aged persons with heart deseases and breath problems due to the ozonated air on the top of the mountains.

Step-by-step directions below:

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