Sibiu – the European cultural capital (Transylvania)

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On the way to Sibiu, the European cultural capital in 2007, a little stop is needed in the peaceful place of Cozia where Mircea the Old, one of the greatest Romanian kings and Dracula’s grandfather, is burried. Built at the end of the 14th century, near the Olt river, Cozia is one of the most beautiful Romanian monasteries. In Sibiu a walking tour will reveal all the architectural jewels including old towers and city walls, cathedrals (including climbing in the church tower) or old buildings, finishing with a visit to Brukentahl, one of the best museums in Romania. A traditional lunch at the old inn inside Astra, the largest open air museum in Europe will finish the walking tour between the old coutry side old houses.
– Free pick up from the hotel reception
– Travel by coach, minivan or by car with air conditionning
– Expert multilingual escort
– Visits to the Cozia monastery (Wallachia) where is the tomb of Dracula’s grandfather and Sibiu (the cultural capital of Europe in 2007) city tour with the beautiful Brukentahl museum, the Church Tower and Astra museum (the largest open air museum in Europe) in Transylvania
– Lunch in a traditional location
When: daily departures (except winter period with difficult weather conditions)
Departure: 8.00 – 8.30 am, from the hotel reception
Arrival: at the hotel reception arround 8.00 pm
Estimated time: 12 hrs.
Price: 100 Euro/ person (50% discounts for children up to 12 and 10% – 30% discounts for groups larger than 5 people)

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