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Snagov Monastery & Therme & Flight
Snagov Monastery & Therme & Flight
Snagov Monastery & Therme & Flight – Every Day


Do you have several hours left and do not know what to do? Do you have an afternoon or evening flight? Or you just want to relax several hours at the most modern SPA in Europe? We have one of the best solution for you: visit with us, for 25 €/ pers (tickets included), the tomb of the famous Dracula at Snagov Monastery and we can leave you at Therme with your luggage (safe at Therme cloakroom) or at Henri Coandă Otopeni Airport. From the Bucharest hotel departure until we leave you at Therme or at the airport will be maximum 2 – 2.5 hrs. Book the mini tour now on whatsapp. […..]


Balotești: Therme București
Address: Calea București, nr. 1 K, Balotești, România
Contact: Tel.: +40 31 108 8888 Email:
Opening Hours (Program de vizitare):
Monday – Sunday (Luni – Duminica): 09.30 – 23.30
Location (Localizare):


Amplasat în nordul Bucureștiului, cel mai modern SPA din Europa cu 10 piscine, 6 saune uscate, 4 saune umede și 16 tobogane are cea mai mare grădină botanică din România cu 800 mii de plante din care 1.500 de palmieri. / Located in the north of Bucharest, the most modern SPA in Europe with 10 pools, 6 dry sauna, 4 wet sauna and 16 slides has the biggest botanic garden in Romania with 800.000 plants including 1.500 palm trees.
Cum ajung la Therme (How do I get to Therme)? – free suttle from Bucharest – see program:
Monday – Thursday


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