Bucuresti: Ateneul Roman (The Romanian Atheneum)

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Ateneul Roman 1|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNZKInvKPN4
Ateneul Roman 2|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmBhtGwgQtU




Best of Romania evaluation – 12:



Evaluation: December 2014. Details: There are no brochures, no presentation CD-s, no touristic web-site, but the “word-of-mouth” promotion is very efficient due to the music lovers who come here to concerts and other classic music performances especially during the Enescu music festival. Moreover the Romanian Atheneum, a symbol of Bucharest, is included in almost most tours of Bucharest. The Romanian Atheneum deserve the maximum 10 points for Notoriety since is beautiful facade is in many international touristic guides, but can be promoted better. Ambiance – 20 points (the maximum 10 points plus other 10 points from Best of Romania). The Romanian Atheneum is outstanding (is probably the most beautiful building in Bucharest) and together with the Parliament Palace is a must visit for any tourist coming to Bucharest. Access – 10 points. Easy access – the Romanian Atheneum is located in the center of Bucharest on Calea Victoriei, the most famous street in Bucharest. Visiting Hours daily, with the exception of periods when the George Enescu philharmonic is practicing. Maximum 10 points plus 5 points from Best of Romania for the program accessibility. Services – 5 points. There are no guided tours inside, and also no souvenir shop and other facilities. But on most souvenir shops and bookstores in Bucharest you can find souvenirs and brochures related to the Romanian Atheneum.

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