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About Casa Capsa

Established in 1852, Casa Capsa Hotel is the symbol of romanian “high-life” society.The Hotel has retained its old-world charm even after the restoring actions.It‘s a somptous location with sparkling chandeliers and baroque furnishing.

The superbly equipped Hotel Casa Capsa is situated in the center of Bucharest, offering comfortable rooms all with matrimonial beds and exquisite furnishings.

The pastry shop at the Casa Capsa serves traditional homemade sweets which were prepared after the original recipe, including baklava, bonbons and chocolates.

Our company has a very long practice in the Romanian tourism, concerning both Restaurants and Hotels market. Having a very good position, “CASA CAPSA” is placed right in the focal point of the Bucharest historical centre, at the crossroads of Calea Victoriei Str. and Edgar Quinet Str.

After noteworthy restoring actions, we succeeded in giving back to the international tourist circuit a typical 5 stars hotel, which offers for its visitors a very large amount of high quality services. CAPSA Hotel has retained its old-world charm with three floors of sparkling chandeliers and sumptuous furnishings.

Our hotel has 60 accommodation rooms (8 Classic Standard Room with one single bed, 4 Standard Room,37 Deluxe Room , 10 Junior Suites andone Imperial Suite) at the highest hotel’s standard. All of them include matrimonial beds.

“CASA CAPSA” has logistical support and facilities for organizing and coordinating major events: festivals, exhibitions, etc. We can arrange meetings for Romanian and foreign businessmen, according with the new and efficient concept of ” Business & Leisure”.

“CASA CAPSA” is a registered TRADE MARK. It provides full services in the field of: Banquet & Catering; Congresses; Conferences; Symposiums and Seminars.

For this, you can choose either one of the four super elegant Restaurant Saloons, or one of the luxurious and elegant “Blue Conference Saloon” (40-90) seats.

“CASA CAPSA” was all the finest pastry shop in Europe. Most of the sweets at the time were oriental: almond cakes dipped in syrup, cream cakes, baklava and sherbets. In the second half of the 19th century lemonade, cakes, bonbons and chocolates were introduced, often imported from Paris. CASA CAPSA. Now, the sweets are all made of natural ingredients, with a special taste, acording to the original receipe.

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